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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

One down, a lifetime to go...

Well I have survived the first week! I ate the majority of perfect days, including eating properly AND EXERCISING whilst on a girls weekend away. Sure, I could have done more exercise, but it is a pretty good start. 2.7kg down since my starting weigh-in and better than I predicted. Winning!

So... time be open about how my week really went.

My biggest challenge so far is the mental games related to the exercise. I'm struggling with 5am starts and exercising in front of the television. It's like having a 2-year old inside my head some days. "But I don't want to do it", "I want to sleep", "No one is watching", "I DON'T DO BURPEES and you can't make me!!?!" . The battle feels endless!! I've managed to do more this week, but having a massive blister under my foot now means that I have more excuses to fight. Fun times!

Tomorrow I start the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC). My aim is to exercise the equivalent of 10000 steps each day. Today I trialled it and I am only sitting about 5000 steps. I guess I'm going to use public shame (or fear of letting my team down) to force me to exercise. I know eventually I will crave exercise like I used to - just takes time.

The food so far has been amazing. I'm enjoying the inspiration and new flavours, with minimal adaptation to GF. Definitely a lot which will be added to my core favourites. I've had a few IBS moments, but considering where I've been in the past I have to say I feel great. My intolerances have been behaving generally and so I'm loving eating foods that I have dodged for years! Time will tell if this lasts!

Well, off to sleep early for me. 5am, here I come!!

Much love,
K x

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  1. 2.7 kg?? What a YAY moment! I have to admit I have spent the past month far too scared to stand on the scales.